4 Easy Ways to Update Your Bathroom.


Remodeling your bathroom can add significant value to your home and make living in your home more enjoyable. Whether you are working on a complete bathroom remodeling project or just working on one or two things, you should consider replacing or changing out frequently used bathroom fixtures just to give your bathroom an updated look. Here are four easy ways to update your bathroom without spending too much.

  • Change the Showerhead: Changing out the stationary showerhead for the more flexible, handheld showerhead can add a sense of elegance to your bath or shower. The handheld showerhead is also more practical for members of your family who are taller than average or to give the family dog a bath. This is a low cost, low maintenance change that is more than welcome.
  • Replace the Toilet: the average toilet has a height of 15 inches above the floor and the more recommended comfort toilet is 17+ inches above the floor. The higher seat allows easier access both sitting and getting off of the toilet. We recommend that you replace your toilet in favor of the comfort option.
  • New Shower Curtain: The shower curtain can be used to make a bold decorative statement in the bathroom. Choose a shower curtain that works well with the d├ęcor of the bathroom and select a curtain that is of the appropriate height.
  • Focus on lighting: The lighting in your shower should be bright enough so you are able to read the labels on the shampoo bottle. Change the lighting in your bathroom to accommodate your showering habits or give you better lighting when you look at yourself in the mirror. LED Lights have gone down in price and LED lights have a longer life cycle.

Making these modifications to your bathroom are easy steps to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom. Homeowners should consider remodeling their bathrooms completely after a given amount of time, but these small changes is a great step in the right direction.



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