5 Remodeling Ideas to Increase the Value of your Home.


Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or would like make a few additions that can make your home a nicer place to live, remodeling your home is a great way to increase its value while ensuring a better quality of life. What a homeowner should focus on is which home improvement project is worth the time and investment, and which one they should avoid. Here are 5 home remodeling ideas that will increase the value of your home.

1) Focus on the Kitchen: A Great way to add value to your home is by focusing on home improvement projects in your kitchen. You can make back most of your investments from kitchen remodeling when it comes time to sell your home. But make sure that your kitchen matches the modeling of the entire house.

2) Add an extra bathroom: Does your home have only one bathroom? Start to consider moderately used rooms as potential, additional bathroom or empty closets as potential half bathrooms. Homeowners can recoup much of their investments alone from the additional bathroom. To cut the costs of  adding bathroom, begin checking prices for bathroom accessories. The cost of such accessories as showers, sinks, and toilets often fluctuate during the course of the year.

3) Cost Saving Windows: Single pane windows can be seen as old and unsightly. Upgrade the windows in your house to more modern double-pane windows which are more energy-efficient, saving you money on the cost of heating and cooling. Many new home buyers also have energy efficiency in mind while shopping.

4) Remodeling Existing Rooms: Instead of building any additional rooms to your house, rethink the possibilities that you may have with already existing rooms. Reinventing a room in your house can save you a lot of money. Converting your basement or attic space to an additional room is a great way to add more value without knocking down any walls or putting any new ones up. If there is space above the garage, many homeowners would convert the unused space into another room and lease it as an apartment.

5) Basic Maintenance: Doing simple basic updates to your home is the easiest and most effect way to increase the value. Tasks such as keeping the paint looking new, fixing the roof from any leakage or replacing any deteriorating wood can keep the value of your home from decreasing. Routine maintenance shows potential home buyers that the previous owners paid attention to the upkeep of the house, thus increasing the chance of someone buying the home much quicker.


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