5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Autumn Season


The summer months are coming to a close with autumn weather quickly approaching, now is the time to take the precautionary measures to prepare your home for the changes ahead. Here are 5 tips that homeowners may find useful when going over home maintenance tasks to ensure a smooth transition into the autumn season. These tips will not only help your home in the fall but will also keep your home warm and secure through the winter months.

1)    Inspect your Heating System: Before needing to turn on your heating system, have an inspector come in and check if your heating unit is in proper working order. If you have a conventional heating system, turn on your water heater and make sure that it is protected from all natural elements with proper oxygen flow. For wooden stove units, make sure that the wooden stoves are clean and remove any buildup that may have accumulated.

2)    Chimneys and Fireplaces: If you have not used your fireplace since last year, then now is the time to call in a chimney sweep to remove any creosote from inside the chimney. Make sure to use a fireplace screen to protect your home from any sparks and always keep your flue closed when not in use.

3)    Window Repair: Your home can lose a considerable amount of its warmth from unrepaired windows and damaged seals. Repair or replace any broken windows or the seals around the windows to prevent drafts or cold air from seeping into the windows.

4)    Indoor Pipes: Add extra insulation to any pipes within your home that may be exposed to the cold air. The insulation will prevent the pipes from freezing over during the winter months. If you can, insulate all pipes from within your home.

5)    General Yard Maintenance: Leaves falling from trees may seem nice, but the leaves can also lead to water backing up in your gutters if not cleared out, causing overflow and water not being drained properly. Clean out your gutters when the leaves begin to fall and put away any unused furniture that you have in the yard.


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