How do you preparing your deck for the summer?


The summer months have just started and your home is ready to take on the new challenges that await. This is the time when it is crucial for the home owner to perform any maintenance that is needed to restore your home to proper working order.

The area that many homeowners obsess over is the appearance of their back deck or patio. Whether your deck is made of wood, vinyl or composite material, every deck has its own form of maintenance to keep it looking good and performing well. Keeping up with these small maintenance tasks can ensure that there won’t be any major problems in the near future.

  • Have it Inspected: Walk around your deck and check for any loose boards or railings, Tighten any loose nuts or bolts that may have come undone and replace any protruding nail with a screw, for decks made of wood, sand down any splintered boards to make them smooth, look for cracks in the structure of your deck and make sure that your stairs are not cracked.
  • Clean the Deck: Sweep your deck and remove any dirt or debris that might have built up between the cracks. Use a garden sprayer to hose down your deck, unless you know what you’re doing, avoid using a power washer because that might damage your deck. Mild soap and water are good enough to clean vinyl decks, but a stronger commercial cleaning substance may be used for wooden or composite decks.
  • Seal It: For Wooden decks, sealer is needed to provide an extra level of protection. You should expect to reseal your deck once a year and re-stain if needed. Depending on how much sun your deck is exposed to or how much wear it takes over the span of two to three years, there are a variety of ways to finish your deck such as adding a sealer to show off the natural grain of the wood, toner will add additional color to your deck, semi-transparent stain will add less natural colors to your deck while keeping its natural textures, and solid stain will apply like paint but also completely protect your deck from harmful UV rays.The Solid stain will eventually chip and peel away like paint too.

o   When planning out a time to seal or stain your deck, check the forecast for at least two full days without rain, after cleaning your deck, sand down the wood with 80 grit paper to smooth out the grains. The sanding process will raise the grain allowing the grain to absorb the stain or sealer. Allow your deck two days to dry before using.

Having a great looking deck is something to be proud of, putting work and time into your deck can show amazing results that will surely impress at your next summer get together.


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