How to Prepare for Spring Home Building During the Winter


Even though we are still in February, it is never too early to begin planning for your home building project. For someone who’s interested in building a home this spring, winter is an ideal time to begin planning. Here are some home building steps that can be taken during the winter months that will better prepare you for your project.

Get Your Financing in Order:

Take Advantage of low rates and know what you qualify for before beginning your home building project. This process can take a few days to get in order, but is well worth the effort.

Planning Your Home:

Begin consulting with an architect or draftsman to narrow down how you would like your house to look like and what you would like your house to include. Use resources that are available to you such as design software, available online design plans, or look through design books for ideas.

Begin Looking for a Builder:

Consult with different construction companies or builders and ask for estimates. Remember to keep the estimate within your budget.

Look for an Area to Build:

Narrow down your options in regards to where you would like to build your home. Finalize on a lot and begin planning your home around this step. Consult your builder if you need help with finding a place to build.

Sign a Contract with the Builder:

Wait for the builder to secure all of the appropriate permits needed for the building project and sign a contract with the builder that you’ve chosen.

Start Building:

Begin your home building project. On average, a home building project can take anywhere from 4-8 months if everything goes according to plan. The earlier you start the planning process the better off you will be later on.


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