Tips for Spring Home Maintenance


We’ve had a very mild winter so far compared to the record breaking snow storms of last year. As we all know for any home construction project, the sooner the planning process begins the better off we will be. With spring just about a month away, we encourage everyone to start planning their spring projects now. Before beginning any projects, we must complete seasonal maintenance tasks around the house for the transition to the spring season. Here are five spring maintenance tips that will help you prepare your home for the start of the new season.

Check Faucets:

Check any outside hoses or faucets for damage done by the winter weather. Check the water flow of the faucet, pipes from within the home may be damaged and can result in further foundation damage. Replace those pipes immediately to prevent any additional damage to your home.

Check the Roof:

Check your roof for any damage that might have happened because of melting snow. Check the roof shingles for damage or if any needs replacing. Shingles that are cracked, buckled, loose, or are missing granules.

Clean Windows:

Washing your windows gives you the ability to see if your window seals are working properly. Clean your windows from the inside before installing your screen, then install your screens after on a dry day.

Clean Gutters:

Check your gutters for leaking or if they have become loose from the weight of the snow. Improper drainage can lead to flooding in your basement or weakening of foundation. Make sure that any downspouts are directed away from the foundation.

Follow these spring maintenance steps to ensure that your home is ready for the change in season and ready for any spring or summer renovation projects.

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