Tips for Summer Lawn Care.


The summer months can pose a different threat to your lawn if you are not careful. Unlike spring, where your lawn has seen the most growth and change, the higher temperatures during the summer can cause your lawn to grow slower and if not treated properly, your lawn may lose its color and dry out.

While some homeowners may know exactly what their lawn needs year round to maintain its health, here are a few tips that will ensure your lawn’s health throughout the summer months.

  • Mowing the Lawn: A healthy lawn does not necessarily mean a shorter lawn. There are many benefits of having taller blades of grass which include keeping in more nutrients during peak sun hours, using the extra energy to provide more nutrients to the soil, and providing more shade for the soil to keep a cooler temperature thus retaining more moisture.
  • Grass Clipping: After mowing your lawn, the grass clippings should not be removed but instead redistributed across the lawn. The cut-down blades of grass can be reused for their nutrients by simply leaving them on the lawn.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilizing the lawn before the spring and at the end of the fall seasons are key steps to maintaining a healthy lawn. Spring fertilizer can jump-start the growing process of the grass that had been lying dormant during the winter months, and fall fertilizer can retain the nutrients that it already has, protecting it from the winter temperatures.
  • Seeding: Seeding empty patches of grass is a great way to evening out the lawn. Be careful to only seed the designated area only once, seeding an area of the lawn to many times can overwork the soil. Maintaining a proper watering schedule will help that empty patch of lawn grow faster. Patients is Key.
  • Weeding: Walking around your lawn every other day, inspecting for weeds is a vital effort that will do wonders for your lawn. Look for newly formed weeds and pull them out before they take root in your lawn and cause any more trouble.
  • Watering: Watering your lawn will provide the nutrients that it needs to grow. The lawn should have on average, have an inch of water every week and watering should take place in the morning hours before the sun has any chance to dry out the soil or from natural rainwater. Remember to measure out the water before use, over watering your lawn will render it infertile due to too much water.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning the area around the house is important to the health of your lawn. Clearing debris such as leaves from the fall months will ensure that there isn’t any added bugs or any unsafe nutrients from the leaves left behind during the winter.

A well-grown lawn is something to be proud of and taking your time to do maintenance on your lawn will show a difference in the health of the soil and how the grass can grow.

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