Top 4 Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2016


We are just entering the spring season, which means that you are probably thinking about ways in which you can upgrade your home with remodeling projects. If you have not considered about remodeling your kitchen, maybe it is the time that your kitchen space deserves an upgrade. The kitchen space is a unique room because of how often the kitchen is used by members of the family, friends or anyone you plan on entertaining. A great kitchen remodel can really rejuvenate the home while also increasing the property value of the house. From increasing storage capacity to opening up the floor plan, here are 4 kitchen remodeling trends to consider this year.

Concealing Appliances:

Concealing appliances is a very interesting and popular remodeling trend this year. The reason for its increased popularity is mainly due to the many unique advantages it offers and the added aesthetic appeal. Some advantages include an increase in functionality of the kitchen space and the ability to declutter the kitchen by saving space while organizing the appliances. Some examples of concealing appliances include warming drawers or steam ovens that can be built into your kitchen but hidden in plain sight.

Cabinet Ideas & Trends

Maple Cabinetry seems like the favorite option among home designers. Using shades of white or off-white makes for a great finishing option or you can opt for a darker, more natural finish. There is a wide selection of cabinets for you to consider. From floating units, cabinets with touch-latch doors, to hidden systems behind sliding doors, there is a wide range of options.

Counter Tops

Countertops such as marble pastry slab inserts and wooden butcher blocks will be very popular this year. If you are looking to cut down on maintenance, choose renewable or recycled materials instead of natural stone, marble, or quartz.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is very important in your kitchen space. You can choose accent lighting to draw people’s attention towards kitchen decorations like glassware, dishes, or picture frames. Consider using a large decorative lighting fixture to draw attention to the kitchen island and also, improve its functionality.


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