What is Millwork?


Millwork, in its most general form, is any carpentry work that is prepared in a mill for installation in a home. Millwork used to refer to materials made purely

crown moulding

Crown Moulding

from wood. Nowadays, millwork can also mean materials made from both wood and synthetic materials. It is a type of carpentry, but it is distinguishable because it is not used for structural purposes. Instead, millwork is typically used for decorative purposes in the home.

Pieces of millwork usually act as the finishing touches on the structure of the home. Blinds, shutters, and kitchen cabinets are sometimes referred to as millwork, but many professionals lump those into their own categories. Some examples of millwork include crown moldings, base trim, and mantelpieces.

Crown Moldings: Hence the name, the “crown” molding is found on the top of a cabinet or the area between wall and ceiling. They add a decorative flair to what is an otherwise simple junction between the wall and the ceiling. In the kitchen, crown moldings can be found on the top of ceiling cabinets, and typically angle out towards the interior of the room.

Base Trim: Another sort of “moulding”, base trim is used on the junction between the floor and the wall. It helps hide that connection, and can be a simple board with a slight bevel, or it can be as ornate as you desire. Some homeowners choose a subtle base trim, usually shallow in its depth and short and close the floor. Base trim, however, can commonly found to be over six inches high and fairly thick at the bottom.

mantelpiece, an example of millwork

A Modern Mantelpiece

Mantelpiece: These make for fine additions to the home that really give a sense of completeness to a fireplace. Mantelpieces are a great way to add additional decorations, like family photos or Christmas stockings.

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