When Should You Start Building or Remodeling Your Home?


Homeowners might think that starting a home remodeling project may be best during the warmer months of the year, but in fact, a home building or remodeling project can start during the winter months under the right conditions. There are actually come advantages starting a home project in the winter.


Contractors may view this time of year as a slow period of business. This, in turn, might provide you with a chance at getting a better price during the winter months. Scheduling with a contractor should not be an issue either. By starting your construction project in the winter, you will be working with the offseason of a typical construction schedule which would mean that the subcontractors and suppliers may be less busy throughout the construction process. Finding a foundation crew and a framing crew might be much easier too. If permits are an issue, government agencies will be less busy so you can get your permits quicker.


Frost might be an issue if it gets into the ground after the excavation is done and before your foundation is completed, which would mean monitoring weather patterns continuously throughout the building process. The days are typically shorter and colder, which would mean the workdays are shorter too. There will be ongoing weather issues that must be remediated such as heavy snow and some weather delays

Once the foundation and concrete floors are in, the major obstacles, the major obstacles of starting a winter project is all but over.


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